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About Me


Mural example

I have a strong background in fine art, from GSCEs, through to A levels, a Foundation Diploma in Art & Design and BA (Hons) Fine Art Degree.

Late in 2011 I was privileged to open my home studio in East Surrey as a new creative space to work in. My studio became busy and full very quickly with a sudden flow of paintings and drawings being produced!

Since May 2011 I have also been working as an artist for Godstone Farm in Surrey, painting signs, animal pens and a variety of murals. This inspired the start of a series of animal paintings back in my studio and I grew a love of capturing the diversity, character and beauty of the animal world.

I have been working on a range of projects alongside my farm work, including school murals, drawings for a graphic designer, church artwork and ongoing commissions.



I work through paintings quite quickly and with variety in my content and aesthetic decisions. I let my inspiration lead me even if I end up jumping from subject to subject, which makes each painting fresh and exciting. I embrace the freedom to simply paint whatever moves me at the time I sit down to work, a freedom I didn’t have during my studies. I paint mostly with acrylics on canvas, which is ideal for more speedy paintings as it dries really fast.

Despite my sporadic approach, collections often develop within my work, as I discover subjects that continue to inspire or prove particularly successful.